Squeezy Wax

Drum roll please! 
Introducing: Squeezy Wax!
Squeezy wax is a soft wax that does not fully solidify. Because it’s not solid it can hold more fragrance making it super strong and perfect for:
large rooms,
open floor plans, vaulted ceilings,
homes with like 12 dogs and 6 cats (or like us with just one stinky boxer that equals 12 dogs)
We have been using this in our home and we are obsessed! We have an open floor plan and are finding that the scents travel all through our first floor and we can catch whiffs of it all the way down to our basement. Because it’s not hard you don’t have to wait for it to melt so you can smell it within minutes!
Directions: Start with a dime size amount to start and add more depending on your space or strength preference.  Change out when you can no longer smell.  To clean or remove simply wipe out with a paper towel when semi-hardened or soak up liquid with a cotton ball.  While these do work in any wax melter we prefer warmers that use a heating pad and not a bulb.
How long does it last?  This will vary based on your wax warmer and your preferred level of scent you enjoy.  We found our dime size amount to last about 10-12 hours.  We also found that at times we only wanted to leave it on for an hour or at a time due to the higher scent strength.  We prefer wax warmers with a heating pad vs a bulb because we find they get hotter.
Are these better than regular wax melts?  Not at all, it's simply another option for those that are finding they usually have to have two melters going or use several cubes because they have a larger space or like scents to be extra strong.  Each tube holds approx 5.4 oz, our regular wax melts are 2.8 oz.
More scents coming soon!

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